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          -William Shakespeare

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Algotherapy: Secrets from the Sea

Seaweed wraps aren’t just for sushi anymore. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and protein, seaweed wraps are showing up on menus of a different type—spa services menus. Beautiful people have flocked to the sea for centuries...view article


Arnica Massage: Soothing Life's Little Dings

Remember when a kiss from mom was all it took to soothe life's little bumps and bruises? It was all so simple then. Life still deals out ouchies, but today's treatments are more apt to be do-it-yourself projects. Enter Arnica ...view article


Aromatherapy: Good Common Scents

Some days, you wish you could just press the pause button on your fast-forward lifestyle. You can. And you should. Taking time to smell the roses is more than just good advice. It can actually help you create balance by restoring...view article


Balinese Massage: Tapestry of Traditions

So you'd like to spend a week in paradise. But you just can't find the time to jet off to the South Pacific. Here's what you do: Experience some of Bali's best by booking yourself a Balinese massage. If you can't go to Bali, let Bali ...view article


Green Tea: Beyond Beautiful Brews

Nearly five thousand years have passed since the first cup of green tea was brewed. According to legend, Chinese Emporer Shen Nung, known as the "Divine Healer," became aware that his subjects who boiled their water...view article


Stone Massage: Make Mine on the Rocks

Multitasking is a fact of modern life. We eat at our desks, reading e-mail while listening to voice mail, and call this progress. It's no wonder we feel overstimulated and overworked. For more and more people...view article


Sugar Scrub: How Sweet It Is

Though sugar has all but disappeared from today's low-carb lifestyles, you'll be glad to know that you can still get your sweet revenge without worrying about calorie or carb counts. The secret is in surrendering to the lure of sugar's ...view article


Thai Massage: That's a Stretch

Wouldn't it be nice if you could do a workout without the work? Bend your body into dozens of yoga positions without breaking a sweat? Improve the flexibility of your muscles and joints without exercise or medication? With Thai...view article


Vinotherapy: Grape's Beauty Marc

The French started it. In Bordeaux of all places. And now the fruit of the vine is making a splash in the spa world with vinotherapy—treatments based upon grape seeds, grape skins, and wine...view article
Denise Reynolds | Luxury Lifestyle Writer